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Irene Mingozzi

Investment Principal

Irene is an Investment Principal at Mitsui Global Investment and E12 Ventures.

She has been working in the space for the last 13 years, and has had the chance to explore almost all sides of the table: she’s been a founder, ran an accelerator, she was the Director of an innovation hub in San Francisco working with startups, corporations, and universities. She has been a ‘full-stack investor’ for several years now, experienced in dealing with every aspect of a VC firm and the deal process, with a data-driven approach and a deep passion for the world-changing potential of venture capital.

She’s passionate about writing on topics she loves, explaining complex concepts, organizing data and ideas (and building things out of cardboard boxes). Irene has two daughters, many balls of yarn, paintbrushes everywhere, and too many board games to count. On the weekends, you can often find her playing D&D.

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