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Core Values

Our Excitement

Here at Mitsui Global Investment, we get excited about cutting-edge technologies and scientific breakthroughs.


Passionate entrepreneurs and forward-thinking investors inspire us, and we hope to do the same.

Taking Our Time

Taking our time to carefully select opportunities and dive deep in our due diligence, we try to learn and understand each opportunity to the best of our abilities.

Team Support

We enjoy getting to know the teams we invest in and cherish opportunities to help out and provide value-add support.

Key Partnerships

The vast network and rich expertise from our roots, Mitsui & Co., helps us garner valuable insight and facilitate key partnerships.

A Fresh Eye

With the diversity and knowledge amassed through our years as a global enterprise, we bring a fresh eye to new business.

Message from us

  • The time you realize your idea will be a new business,
  • The time you meet entrepreneurs, and are immersed in their stories and taking notes,
  • The time you find partners to start and run the new business,
  • The time you stay up all night revising your business plan,
  • The time you meet with an investor for the first time,
  • The time you decide on the name of your company,
  • The time you sit at your desk in the office of your company for the first time,
  • The time you feel down after being harshly criticized at a board meeting,
  • The time you launch your service and make your first products,
  • The time you receive your first revenue,

The excitement you feel as your dream materializes, and the extreme effort it takes to achieve it – these are the moments we have supported for more than 20 years.

As a team who knows how difficult and tough real business is, we help you turn your dream into reality.

Our History

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