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Dr. Robinson, President & CEO of Fortis Industries, LLC, is a celebrated physician entrepreneur and healthcare investment strategist, distinguished for her influence in healthcare innovation and technology commercialization. Her career skillfully blends medical science with business strategy, effectively aligning medical solutions with market demands. This synergy has been crucial for her success in navigating the healthcare industry, driving growth, and ensuring relevance in a rapidly evolving sector.

Her leadership roles have spanned Thermo Electron Corp and MedImmune Vaccines, and she’s served as an Entrepreneur in Residence at Blue Cross Blue Shield Nebraska and the NIH’s SEED program. As a startup advisor, Dr. Robinson provides invaluable insights into product development, clinical relevance, and compliance with healthcare regulations, emphasizing patient safety and ethical standards.

Apart from her professional achievements, Dr. Robinson is an avid traveler and art collector, enriching her life with experiences and artifacts from around the globe. This passion for exploration and culture complements her dynamic career.

Dr. Robinson’s academic credentials include an MD from the University of Kansas School of Medicine, an MBA from the University of Colorado at Denver, and a Certificate in VC Finance from UC Berkeley School of Law, underscoring her comprehensive expertise and influence in the healthcare field.

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