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Yukitaka Kojima

Yukitaka Kojima, CFA


Yuki serves as an associate at Mitsui Global Investment, and is currently focused on general technology investments(e.g. fintech, digital health, quantum computing). He serves as the board observer for Pica8 & has been involved in multiple investments at MGI(i.e. Rallybio, BioNova, Ensem Therapeutics).

Previously an investment manager at Mitsui & Co., he gained experience in structuring corporate insurance programs, trading commodity derivatives, and managing private equity fund investments.

Yuki received his Bachelor of Economics degree from The University of Tokyo. He is a  Certified Member Analyst of the Securities Analysts Association of Japan, and holds the Chartered Financial Analyst® designation.

In his free time, he likes to workout or to lose count of time playing boardgames such as Dominion, Catan or Poker.

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