The next innovation trend of liquid crystal materials is not only targeting TFT LCDs, but also penetrating diverse application fields, such as IoT, VR/AR, smart window and photonic sensors. Halation is a start-up company in this promising direction. We very much appreciate the investment from Mitsui and more importantly the industrial network of technology and new material supply and expertise, which also made it easier to be identified globally and win valued customers. Dr. Sun Gang, CEO


Innovator of photonics and multi-stable liquid crystal displays for IoT, smart window and IT product industries.

MGI helped introduce and connect Halation to suppliers making specialized materials to broaden their supplier network and potentially improve their product quality.

Susie Shen, Principal Supported with: Network in the Industry

MGI has been a cornerstone investor since our Series B round and provided beyond the financial backing the strategic and business development support, through its teams and in particular with Fuchikami-san, to effectively help us expand our business in Japan. Being visible in Japan today, a country leading the next generation stem cell revolution, is rewarding and a must for Promethera. John Tchelingerian, CEO


Global innovator of cell therapy bringing therapeutic solutions to patients with liver disease.

MGI helps Promethera find collaboration opportunities to scale-up production, navigate regulatory pathways in Japan, find business development opportunities with enterprise, and find introductions to key opinion leaders in the industry.

Kinji Fuchikami, Venture Partner Supported with: Network in the Biotech Industry
Biotech expertise

MGI has been a value-add investor since the early days of the company. Their supporting approach and in-depth insights about the Japanese market have helped tremendously throughout our penetration efforts in that market. They have proven to be a true partner in our long journey in the automotive market, always helping and providing valuable insight and advice. Hagai Zyss, CEO


Vehicle-to-vehicle communications for autonomous driving to let you know ahead of time.

MGI helps AutoTalks develop and win business with Japanese automotive related companies and helps bring in strategic investors in Japan through its vast networks in the industry.

Atsushi Mizuno, Investment Director Supported with: Business expertise
Network in the industry

MGI has gone far and beyond the normal investor relationship - within the first quarter post investment they had set up 5 prospect meetings - they know what’s important to take businesses to the next level. Sujay Jadhav, CEO


Clinical study startup made easy.

MGI helps goBalto by opening doors to Japanese pharmaceutical companies and CROs.

Masashi Kiyomine, Investment Director Supported with: Healthcare SaaS investment experience
Kinji Fuchikami, Venture Partner Supported with: Relationship with pharma execs

MGI has been value-added investor by bringing a diverse life science sector perspective, and has been strategically helpful and hands-on regarding business development in Japan. Ken Horne, co-founder & CEO


A novel therapeutic platform focused on promoting and accelerating healing.

MGI is helping Symic Biomedical access global and Japanese pharmaceutical and medical device companies for potential co-development of their molecules.

Kinji Fuchikami, Venture Partner Supported with: Relationship with pharma execs
Scientific expertise
Mutsuki Takano, Senior Associate Supported with: Business creation
Negotiation experience
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